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Frequently asked questions:


Is it safe?

Yes, the time that will be spent in the city is minimal. You will be met at the airport straight after you leave the arrivals lounge by one of the Bush Africa Safaris staff. You will be transported straight to the hunting area that is on private property in the country.


What is there to do for the wife’s/non-hunters?

Several side trips can be arranged, either day trips or 2-3 day trips.

For example:

·        Local town

·        Cape Town (see packages)

·        African day spa

·        Sun City & Pilansberg

·        Kruger National Park (see packages)

·        Etc.


How many people in hunting camp?

Depending on the size of the hunting party, usually the lodge is exclusive to a hunting party but if there is only one hunter there might be some other hunters in camp.

What clothing/equipment should I bring?

Laundry is done everyday so 2-3 sets of clothing is all needed.

- Shirts
- Pants (not noisy material)
- Hiking boots
- Jacket
- Camera
- Binoculars
- Daypack for equipment

What is the best time of the year to hunt and what is the weather like?
The recommended time of the year to plan a safari is from April – October. April is the end of summer when the vegetation is still thick and the temperatures are still fairly high. The cooler months are May – August with moderate temperatures, early mornings/evenings: +/- 40F and daytime: +/- 70F. For bow hunting we recommend late season, from June towards September, the drier part of the season,


What can we bring the staff and how much do we give for gratuity?

The camp staff usually appreciates any gifts if it is old clothes, batteries, flashlights, knives, T-shirts etc. We recommend a gratuity of +/- $300/hunter/total on average to camp staff and $ 100/day to the professionals. This is only a recommendation and still up to each hunter.


Is the hunting area a malaria area?

We don’t recommend you taking any malaria medicine as the area is a very low to no malaria area. There are very few bugs during winter, which is the hunting season. No other shots are required.


Is telephone and Internet services available?

Yes, it is available at a fee.


What is the recommended caliber and how many rounds of ammunition must I bring?

Anything in the .30 caliber range. For general plains game safari 60 rounds


What is the procedure to bring my firearm?

A temporary fire arm import permit is required. This can be obtained at  Johannesburg International Airport. In order to do so you need certain documentation. You can apply for the permit yourself or have an agent apply for the pre approved import permit, which we suggest. If you decide to do it yourself you can obtain the relevant information and necessary document from the following website:

Go to General hunting information and look under SA fire arm importation procedures and suggestions.

We recommend the following rifle import agencies.


1. Air 2000 Hunters Support service -

2. TIF Solutions -

3. PHASA -

Terms ans Conditions


30% of package, show special or daily rate is payable to book your safari dates, rates and availability of permits within the prescribed period. On show specials and special quotes timely receipt of your deposit will be the only way to secure the specials. Please refer to your special show pamphlet or quotation on deposit information.

Failure to remit deposit in time will result in automatic release of your dates and rates that might have been quoted, and possible inability to honour your reservation.

When BAS acknowledges receipt of your deposit in writing to you, it shall be deemed to be an acceptance and confirmation of the reservation.



Cancellation 6 months prior to a safari - 50% of deposit refundable. Cancellation with in 6 months of a safari- no refund but is to the discretion of the outfitter. If a reservation wants to be changed to an alternate date it can be done once, providing it is done more that 6 months prior to the safari. Only one change in dates is permitted.


Basic safari rates and permits are payable in full at the start of your safari, as well as special packages and show specials. Extra trophy fees and other costs are payable in full before your departure from BAS. US based account is available for deposits, wire transfers, credit card or cheque deposits.

International wire transfer, traveller’s cheques and cash are acceptable during your safari. Please ensure you are prepared for final settlement.

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