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Newsletter 2021

A little late, as always! At least this time I have an excuse. The travel ban imposed on SA citizens was instated late November 2021, and that once again threw the cat amongst the pigeons. We are so used to uncertainty these days, but at least things are moving in a direction right now.

The travel ban will be lifted on New Year’s Eve, and myself and Robert will be on that first flight.

We were concerned about the Dallas Safari Club Convention, but now we will be there, meeting old and new friends.

For us in the tourism and safari industry it has been a long 18 months with a lot of disappointments, but hopefully travel will become somewhat normal in the next season. We sure are ready to offer a great variety of trips and are eager to catch up on all our lost time in the wilderness!

We all have experienced an unknown hunger for travel and safaris during this past season, and believe that 2022 will be a great year!

We certainly are very excited to be able to see all of you and offer great products and services for the upcoming seasons.

Make sure to let us know with your special requirements, as some of the great trips we have secured and offer, are very limited in numbers.

2021 started of quite shaky as the pandemic closed all travel and marketing during the usual January Convention season. As the world slowly started waking up, some hard-core travellers braved it and had fantastic hunts.

We had some excellent trophies on offer and the safari clients took enormous Sable, Nyala, Kudu, Buffalo and had excellent Leopard hunts.

We traveled to Zimbabwe and Caprivi, Namibia for Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo hunts, all being outstanding trips and friendships were set in stone around the campfire!

We have secured some excellent permits in various areas in Southern Africa, all areas we have some great experience in. Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Lion are on offer in various exciting areas, and as always, our SA big game hunts next to Kruger Park and plains game are some of the best in the industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us to secure your spot and permit on these exclusive deals.


Man, time flies!

Im getting old, kids are taking over!

Our eldest, Cara has finished her degree in chemical engineering and plan to finish her masters during the next 2 months. She will be starting her career at Megchem, a consulting engineering company at the end of February 2022.

Dries completed his first year at Bush Africa Safaris and has finished his PH license. He is excited to experience more, and we are blessed to have a son with a passion for the safari industry. He plans to visit the US later in January, and hope that he will be able to make some of the shows. Nina will complete her senior year at high school next year, after which we will have an empty nest! She plans to study at the same university as her sister in Stellenbosch, pursuing a science will be tough not having my nr.1 PH and helper around!

Marketing trip, January and February 2022

We plan to arrive in the US on 1 January 2022.

We will be on air with a new US mobile number and will post the new number on our website.

My usual telephone nr, whats app, e-mail, FB messenger etc. will also be active as always.


1. Dallas Safari Club convention: Booth nr: 1162

January 6th- 9th

2. Great Rockies outdoor show, Billings Montana: ( to be confirmed)

January 14 -16

3. Safari Club International: Booth nr: 4131

Las vegas, Nevada

January 19 -22

4. Houston boat show; Houston Texas (to be confirmed)

NRG stadium

January 26 – 30th

5. Houston Safari Club Convention:

February 4th -6th


  • As usual, great plains game packages, specialised plains gam out of our main lodge in the Limpopo region of SA as well as various other natural habitat systems

  • Dangerous game, including Buffalo and Crocodile on private land out of the main lodge

  • Tiny 10 hunts in various areas across Southern Africa

  • Free range Buffalo and Elephant in an exclusive Big 5 Reserve, an excellent opportunity and fantastic hunt.

  • Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Lion hunt in free range handpicked areas across Southern Africa, areas we hunted before. Make sure to call in early to avoid disappointment, great hunts and areas

  • Cull hunts in central south Africa, for those long-range shooters, and excellent experience.



We are very excited about a lot of hunts we offer this year. We are also very excited to visit the US and see a lot of our old friends and clients.

Bush Africa Safaris offer a chance to hunt fantastic trophies in exciting handpicked areas across southern Africa. It is our 27th year in business and feel that past records set , variety and quality of safaris and attention to detail make us a true market leader.

Your time and money is valuable, and Us as a team realize that, and will always offer you the best experience for your budget.

Please come and visit us at the shows, and give us an opportunity to offer you some advice and safaris that is set in 27 years of experience,

'Till we share the fire again …..

Greetings from our camp to yours!




It has come to our attention that some clients are receiving e-mails from what looks like our e-mail address, asking to make a transfer on our behalf to some unknown bank account. Please don't respond and please don't pay any money. We will never ask you for any money other than safari payments. We will always confirm any payment via a personal telephone call, text or whatsapp. Please clear all payments with us before making any deposits. We have only one bank account in the USA with my name on it. Please also make sure that any correspondence is with one of the following e-mail adresses: - Terina personal e-mail - Schalk personal e-mail


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